Big News From Wall Chick

We're working really hard on our brand new blog! After years in the industry and after selling thousands of wall stickers to thousands of happy customers we thought it would only be fair to share with our loyal fans, some of the most exciting developments in the decor industry.

You can expect some seriously great insights in to everything we do here at Wall Chick, from new designs to big brand work. We'll be kicking off next month with a massive ultimate guide to wall stickers, including how to choose the perfect wall sticker, to buying online, to finally getting it on the wall! It's a bit of a monster post but once you've read it, you'll know as much as we do about making your walls - more than just bare walls!

Following on from that, we're going to show you some of our favourite photos sent in from customers, and what our most popular designs are, so you can see what looks just good and what actually looks great.

In the meanwhile, sit tight as we're currently working on twenty - yes TWENTY new designs which we plan to release in the next few days.

Thanks for reading and we'll keep you posted!

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