Custom Family Trees

Easy to do, fantastic results and much cheaper than you think.

We recently posted the above image on Facebook and you all loved it! Lindsay did such a good job with her family tree that it. That isn't the case, in fact the entire project took her less than an hour.

So here's how it works:

Simply measure the wall you would like the tree on and take a couple of images, also, if you already have the frames measure them and let us know the size and the quantity you have. Send us all the information and we get to work designing your tree.

Just so you know, designs are completely free! Here is the image Lindsay sent us of her wall. 

blank wall for us to design the family tree wall sticker

We then used that image and designed the tree, we gave her the exact measurements and as trees come on more than one sheet we explained how it would be laid out and the best order to put them on the wall in. Apart from the trunk (behind the couch) there aren't any joins in this one. We try to design them without any joins at all if we can, that way they are easier to put up and look a lot better once installed.

At this point, Lindsay didn't already have the frames for the pictures so we just made it up which is why the rectangles are all different shapes and sizes. She got the photo frames from Asda and chose gold to go with other accessories in her living room. These are the frames she choose and at just £2.50 each they are an absolute bargain. Asda - George Home Large Gold Photo Frames.

She also wanted the tree to be gold to match the frames but choose to have light cream birds as many of them look like doves.

This is the design we sent back to Lindsay.

Designed family tree wall sticker

Over the moon with the design Lindsay ordered the wall stickers and paid over the phone. We then produced them with in two days. We sent them with a two day courier and Lindsay recieved all the tracking information and updates while the order was on the way to her.

She followed the instructions and put the main tree part on the wall first, exactly where she wanted it. Then added the trunk, the squares, the frames and lastly placed the leaves and birds all around the wall so it didn't look lost in the middle.

The finished article - a gorgeous well balanced family tree wall sticker that is according to Lindsay, "a breath taking focal point in her living room".

If you're interested in your own family tree designed for your wall, simply get in touch. Either contact us on facebook, send us an email or call us on 0191 270 9246.

Bespoke Family Tree Wall Sticker - installed

Thank you so much to Lindsay for sending this in and allowing us to use the images of her beautiful home! 

They also look fantastic up the stairs!